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Decorative LED lighting for business park in Kitwe creates a welcoming experience for visitors

The ECL Business Park in Kitwe, Zambia, is the city’s newest office and business park. It is a mixed-use development comprising a shopping centre, hotel, convention centre and an office block. We supplied various decorative LED lighting solutions to this prestigious project.

The advantages of LED technology are many, among them reduced energy consumption, leading to significant energy savings when compared to traditional light sources, and low maintenance requirements, leading to a fast return of investment.

ZELA post top luminaires have been installed in the parking area of the hotel, emitting a pleasant, glare-free light by night, and lending an elegant look to the area by day. LEDPOST bollards illuminate the walkways leading to the buildings. Their distinct design lends itself perfectly to the setting. Furthermore, no spill light is emitted in an upward direction, ensuring that there is no light pollution.

The main entrance to the hotel is illuminated by the ILUMUP, a versatile in-ground uplight. The ILUMUP offers a wide range of photometric distributions for all types of illumination, such as lighting façades, highlighting architectural details and uplighting trees. The façades of the buildings are accentuated by BEKA LEDDUO up- and downlighters. They are robustly constructed, weather proof, hail proof, and corrosion proof, ensuring a long lifetime.

Furthermore, LEDFLOOD high-efficient LED floodlights are installed in the outdoor parking area of the shopping centre, creating a safe and welcoming experience for the visitors. CITEA LED decorative streetlights are installed at the shopping centre entrance. The spiral driveway to the covered parking area is illuminated by the BEKA SERIES 31 LED bulkhead.

We locally develop and manufacture LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions. We are very proud to be associated with Bicon Consulting Engineers, WSP, and RM Consulting in providing a successful energy-efficient LED lighting solution for this prominent project.

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