The smart lighting-based multi-functional system to connect people to their social environment.


Much more than a lighting system, SHUFFLE brings added value to outdoor living spaces. It goes far beyond lighting by integrating features such as loudspeakers, CCTV cameras, WiFi, intercoms, EV chargers and a light ring. It offers unlimited opportunities to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors. Thanks to its flexible and modular design, SHUFFLE is a completely energy efficient yet affordable smart city solution that requires very low maintenance. By leveraging this smart system, managers of cities and privately-managed sites infrastructure can secure better services and infrastructure for themselves and their citizens. In addition, SHUFFLE is a sustainable solution, available with a specific coating that makes it adapted to demanding environments such as seafronts and piers.


Multiple lighting possibilities for all kinds of environment

SHUFFLE nabízí neomezené možnosti zvýšení kvality života ve městech a obcích.

Available with a range of smart lighting modules, SHUFFLE can provide solutions adapted to any type of urban environment or facility. It can integrate a 360° or 180° lighting module or even another luminaire on a side-bracket, to provide the perfect solution for lighting streets, pedestrian crossings, squares, parks, car parks or even building façades, monuments and statues.

The SHUFFLE lighting modules are available with various lumen outputs and photometries to provide an efficient and comfortable lighting. Thanks to its unique concept with rotatable modules, the direction can be adapted precisely on-site. Discover the different types of lighting modules you can combine to configure your unique SHUFFLE solution!

360° modules

Available with a clear, diffuse or partially diffuse polycarbonate protector. For enhanced comfort, an internal diffusor is available as an option.

Osvětlovací modul 360

180° modules

Three types of photometrical engines are available for street, ambiance and architectural lighting: LensoFlex®2, reflectors and spot (with on-site inclination). As an option and for more comfort, you can add an internal diffusor in the LensoFlex®2 version.

Osvětlovací modul 180

Light ring

Create a vibrant ambiance, guide people in the right direction in an emergency situation or indicate if the EV charger is being used, these are some examples of how the light ring can be used. It is available in red, blue, green or white with 1 or 2 alternating colours. You can also add a flashing light option.

Světelný kroužek v různých barvách

Luminaire bracket

The bracket offers the possibility to add a traditional luminaire (suitable for mounting on a Ø60mm spigot) to the SHUFFLE column for lighting streets or pedestrian crossings.

Držák s klavírním světlem


Stay connected at all times

Jako inteligentní městský systém nabízí Shuffle mnoho kombinací, které slouží lidem na veřejných prostranstvích.

As it can integrate various connectivity modules, SHUFFLE offers a robust and fast internet connection for outdoor public areas. The bandwidth can be divided to assign a part to city operators with the other part available for the general public so people can stay connected. Designed to provide internet in outdoor spaces, the WLAN modules are suited for both cities and privately-owned facilities. SHUFFLE also offers telecom operators the possibility to acquire sites to deploy 4G/5G in cities.

WLAN modules

SHUFFLE is available with two type of professional and secure WLAN modules: one is a WLAN module that extends the indoor WiFi coverage to outdoor spaces and is suitable for privately-owned facilities (campuses, offices, shopping centres...). The other module is either wired or based on a mesh network designed to provide wireless connectivity for people in cities. Both options can be integrated into the top lighting module (either 180° or 360°).

Modul kabelového a bezdrátového připojení


SHUFFLE Site is a variant of SHUFFLE dedicated to providing 4G capacity and coverage. It is composed of an antenna module that is integrated into the top of the column and a side cabinet at the bottom to enable telecom operators to install and service its equipment. SHUFFLE Site can be fitted with a small cell to accommodate 5G connectivity.

Připojovací skříň


Create a sense of safety

Shuffle, oblíbené řešení pro mnoho měst a obcí.

By adding modules that enhance security to the SHUFFLE column, you can reduce crime, deter unwanted behaviour in public areas and increase the feeling of safety. It gives security operators access to existing sites, to the available power supply and to regularly maintained infrastructure. Cameras help to monitor spaces while loudspeakers can broadcast announcements. An emergency button and an intercom can also be easily integrated to help people in distress while a flashing light ring can guide emergency services to the right place.


The cameras integrated in SHUFFLE include image optimisation features such as night vision, superior contrasts, high brightness and backlight compensation. These cameras resist variations in temperature and humidity and can offer advanced event detection and video analytics.

CCTV kamera

Camera bracket

This external bracket offers the possibility to install a wide range of motorised 360° IP cameras, providing excellent stability for minimal camera movement.

Držák fotoaparátu


The SHUFFLE can be fitted with a stainless steel vandal resistant SIP and IP intercom. With its active background noise cancellation and its automatic volume adjustment, it ensures a good sound quality to communicate with control room operators or emergency services. The integrated loudspeaker provides high-quality audio. As an option, a micro-camera can be integrated to provide video images.

Modul interkomu

Video analytics

Thanks to world-class algorithms, operators can extract key information such as free car park spaces, facial recognition, perimeter protection, traffic analysis and behavioural analysis to improve services and generate revenue. Through one single platform, you can monitor events in real-time, set notifications, get reports and access playback of events. Data is protected through advanced encryption, digital certificates and claims-based authentication.

Analýza videa


Promote a more sustainable form of mobility

Shuffle nabízí neomezené možnosti, jak zlepšit kvalitu života ve městech.

As the need for a greener mobility grows, electric vehicles are becoming more affordable. The SHUFFLE can incorporate an advanced AC charging station to offer an e-mobility solution. Seamlessly integrated into the SHUFFLE pole, the EV charger can be combined with a light ring that switches from one colour to another to indicate if the charger is available.

EV Charger

This integrated solution for e-mobility is available with an European socket (type 2). It includes a safety lock during charging. As an option, it can be combine with access authentification via a RFID or QR code, communication and metering.

Nabíječka pro mobilitu

Identity & Infotainment

When utility and entertainment become one

Shuffle, efektivní, inteligentní, interaktivní a propojené řešení pro chytrá města.

The SHUFFLE lighting system is ideal to create an identity and provide information or entertainment for your outdoor environment. It can provide services to help create the best conditions to make people truly feel at home in public areas. With its coloured light ring, it can create ambiance or be used as a flashing light in case of an emergency. It can also indicate if an EV charger is being used by switching colour. Loudspeakers can also enhance the experience by broadcasting music, announcements or advertisements.


SHUFFLE offers a 20W integrated weatherproof public address sound system dedicated to outdoor spaces. It can be used to broadcast advertisements, public service announcements, music or a local radio station for specific events to create a convivial ambiance.

Vestavěný reproduktor


Create FutureProof combinations

Shuffle, efektivní, inteligentní, interaktivní a propojené řešení pro chytrá města.

SHUFFLE provides multiple possibilities by combining up to 5 modules. This versatile column can be fitted with spacers - equivalent to 1, 2 or 3 modules - that can be replaced by other modules in the future, when a new service is required.

  • Modular and flexible as desired
  • The modular nature of the SHUFFLE column enables local authorities and private organisations to choose the exact requirements that deliver the right solution for the location. Multiple services can be combined in one unique elegant column by combining up to 5 modules. Easily installed thanks to rotatable modules and plug-in connections, SHUFFLE is a very handy and flexible tool.

  • A truly sustainable lighting solution
  • Thanks to a smart design, SHUFFLE is an affordable, completely energy-efficient solution that requires very low maintenance. By providing multiple requirements in a single column, it minimises the material needed in spaces and lowers the carbon footprint of an installation.

  • All your lighting needs in one column
  • SHUFFLE delivers a variety of lighting solutions. With its various lighting modules, you can provide the right light for a lot of different applications: urban and residential streets, bike and pedestrian paths, squares and pedestrian areas, car parks, railways stations and metros, architectural lighting, etc.

  • Much more than a lighting column
  • The SHUFFLE lighting system can easily integrate control systems, loudspeakers, surveillance cameras, emergency buttons, electrical vehicle chargers, sensors, Wi-Fi hotspots, 4G antenna and mobile broadband. Simply choose your combination, secure the modules on the pole, plug the connectors and your SHUFFLE is ready to enhance your environment.

Multiple services for citizens

SHUFFLE improves security and services for people. This smart city-oriented lighting column can help to monitor traffic, report intrusion alerts, manage crowds, supervise emergency interventions and much more.

Smart lighting system

Smart street lights are the gateway to a true smart city. By leveraging this infrastructure, cities can provide people-centered smart services that improve sustainable mobility, heighten safety, enhance comfort, preserve wild life, connect people everywhere, support public services and stimulate social interactions.

Aesthetic urban lighting solution

The SHUFFLE lighting system offers multiple technologies in one eye-pleasing column. This smart design reduces clutter on public spaces while bringing an aesthetic touch to outdoor living spaces.

Cost-effective lighting system

The LED lighting solutions are energy-efficient and sustainable. In addition, SHUFFLE enables towns and cities to create a new source of revenue. Telecom operators are keen to find new sites for their cellular infrastructure and will pay for them. SHUFFLE provides the required infrastructure to deploy 4G/5G connectivity by integrating small cells throughout towns and cities.


Control systems

Control options for SHUFFLE

The following dimming options are possible for the SHUFFLE street lighting columns:

· Custom dimming profile

· Bi-power

· 1 - 10V


· Remote management

As an option, SHUFFLE can be associated with 3 types of Owlet control solutions: stand-alone, autonomous network or interoperable network.

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Easy installation

SHUFFLE provides a plug-and-play installation with its quick connectors and pre-cabled modules. The top and bottom parts of the modules are designed to smoothly overlap. They encompass gaskets. Two clamps lock them together to ensure the perfect tightness of each module and to join the modules in a single column. The rotatable modules can be oriented in the desired direction before the final lock. Dedicated embellishment parts hide the screws, providing a smooth finish for the whole column.