Castiglioncello town centre

Create a public space to bring the community together with optimum environmental performance

Just outside Livorno, Castiglioncello is an idyllic seaside resort with sandy beaches, crystal-clear water and sheltered coves. For a long time, the town rivalled the French Riviera, attracting many famous film luminaries and actors who flocked to enjoy its beaches, water sports, scenic vineyards, sublime architecture and lively bars.

In later years, the town experienced a decline in popularity but is now making a comeback after investing in its infrastructure to create a well maintained and vibrant town centre and improve the quality of life for its residents. 

A modern town centre that preserves legacy 

Increase the number of people visiting the town centre when the sun sets to create a dynamic night-time setting and boost the local economy was the challenge facing the local authorities. They wanted to modernise the public space so visitors, neighbours, friends and children could easily shop, stop to chat and participate in events being held, without losing any of the towns’ charm and character.

They needed a smart and versatile public lighting system to guide people, make the community feel safe and at ease during the hours of darkness as well as improve the urban experience to make them stay outdoors longer. 

Energy-efficient without compromising on quality

In addition to enhancing the nocturnal appeal of the town centre, the new lighting system had to be a low-energy, low maintenance solution to reduce costs and the towns’ environmental footprint. The local authorities also wanted a scalable solution that would enable them to add extra features or integrate new services in the future. 

The SHUFFLE was ideal. This refined column met all of the lighting requirements with a low power consumption. 
A total of 17 columns where installed. They harmoniously integrate the space, creating a minimal impact on the daytime scheme. Under the cloak of darkness, they deliver a soft white light to create a gentle nocturnal vibe. 

They also gave the town the added bonus of discreetly integrating cameras to heighten the feeling of security.

A place to connect  

More than ever, people appreciate the opportunity to connect with their family, friends and neighbours in a safe and pleasant environment, especially on those long balmy summer nights. 

The local authorities wanted to go one step further for the town centre and provide free WiFi. Good coverage encourages tourists to stay longer as they share their holiday snaps with their family and friends and addresses social inequality in the local community, especially amongst young people, who want to be connected 24/7. 
They were delighted to provide this free WiFi in the SHUFFLE column as it reduced the need for additional urban furniture and unnecessary visual clutter.  

An investment for the future

We are delighted to have delivered this SHUFFLE solution which has helped the town to achieve its environmental goals and create a sense of place for the local community.  

Its modular structure also opens up opportunities to integrate new services in the future to help the town remain a vibrant and popular destination for years, even decades to come.  

Piazza della Vittoria


Castiglioncello Council