Considered the living room of a city, squares, pedestrian areas and parks should be comfortable, engaging, and responsive to people's needs. 

Whether you are lighting a large square that hosts diverse events throughout the year or a small park in a built-up residential area, our lighting solutions will :


Ensure safety and comfort 

It is not enough to simply respect the lighting standards. You want a public space where visual comfort is key. 

Our lighting solutions do not only take into account the technical requirements that co-exist in complex urban spaces (lighting levels, uniformity, glare). They contribute to creating a sense of well-being so that motorists, cyclists and pedestrian not only feel safe but completely at ease. 


Enhance the landscape by day and by night 

It’s your space so why not choose the best. Our luminaires bring a touch of elegance to help reinforce its character and beauty both by day and by night. 

We work with renowned designers to deliver a large range of aesthetic luminaires, poles and brackets with a quality finish to perfectly complement any landscape. 

Whether you want an old-style lantern, contemporary street light, a bollard or uplighter, we enable you to tailor the lighting to your aesthetical needs. It’s your heritage, so why compromise? 


Create a distinctive nocturnal identity 

Transform your square or park into a magnet for residents and tourists by carefully balancing functional lighting with a distinctive night-time character. 

Deliver cosy, welcoming spaces where people want to spend time, even in the dark winter months with our aesthetic luminaires fitted with warm white or tunable LEDs. 

Create dramatic effects on statues or landmarks with our precise optics or provide entertainment with interactive lighting installations. 

By cultivating your identity with light, you will encourage social cohesion and local pride.


Enable thriving communities

Light acts as an enabler to make spaces more accessible and usable at night. By integrating other services such as free WiFi and music, our street lights create truly engaging and connected public spaces. By spending more time outdoors, thriving communities are cultivated and local trade is boosted. 

Our Shuffle multi-functional column has transformed many squares worldwide, providing a high-quality space for residents and tourists. 


Protect the local wildlife and skies

Sometimes, when people are concerned about security, there is a tendency to over-light. 

But in fact, too much lighting is just as bad as too little lighting. It causes light pollution, negatively impacts on the local wildlife and inflates energy consumption.  

Our lighting optics direct the light to exactly where it is needed. 

Fitted with sensors and control systems, our luminaires adapt the lighting according to levels of human activity, the different seasons and the predicted use of exterior spaces.