A staggering 60% of people, who would like to cycle more, are put off by safety concerns. Rethink your infrastructure to develop a cycling city for a healthy population and improved mobility.


Our lighting systems provide a quality lighting, a major incitement to make people feel secure and get on their bikes.

They enable you to:


Assure the utmost safety

All of our lighting solutions respect the standards set out by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).   

They provide a high level of uniformity so that cyclists can clearly see uneven surfaces and obstacles on the path.

They guarantee the correct vertical illumination so that cyclists see what is coming in the opposite direction and recognise the faces of other people around them.

Even on the darkest of nights, this gives a heightened feeling of security, so that cyclists feel completely at ease.


Increase security in critical zones

Safety at junctions is critical: around three-quarters of cyclists’ collisions happen at or near them. 

We adapt the lighting to reduce the risk of accidents in these zones.

For example, a different colour temperature, a cold white light can be used at the junction to draw attention to the possible dangers ahead.  


Provide high-quality infrastructure 

Installed at low heights, our luminaires diffuse a white light with a high-level of visual comfort and zero glare for a more pleasant and user-friendly environment.

In addition, their aesthetic yet robust designs enhance bike paths and parking areas, reducing the possibility of vandalism and contributing to high-quality infrastructure. 


Optimise energy consumption

Our street lights offer an excellent light output with minimal energy consumption.

Thanks to our performing light distributions, the spacing between the poles can be increased, reducing the initial investment and energy costs further. 

Fitted with sensors, the luminaires can be dimmed or even turned off when no-one is using the path. 


Protect the environment

Well-lit, safe biking infrastructure passing through natural habitats does not need to have negative impact on our wildlife.

We have a warm range of luminaires that prevent any light spill and meet dark sky specifications (0% ULOR).

They can be equipped with warm white or even amber LEDs to respect the local biodiversity.

Fitted with sensors and dimming systems, our lighting solutions can work in harmony with the local fauna and flora as well as meeting the needs of people who move around at night.