At the heart of community life, multi-sport halls are regularly used for all kinds of sports, from volleyball to gymnastics and basketball, as well as social activities. As schools, local clubs and associations regularly use these facilities, the lighting must meet the needs of the different events taking place, ensuring safety and comfort. 

Sports lighting solutions for multi-purpose halls and grounds

Our LED lighting solutions for multi-sports halls: 

  • deliver a bright, glare-free white light to guarantee safety and high visual comfort so people can fully immerse themselves in the activities taking place;
  • provide performance in the long term thanks to the long life of LEDs and robust materials that resist vibrations and shocks from balls travelling at high-speed;
  • enable the lighting levels to be easily adapted to different events taking place in separate parts of the hall with the Schréder ITERRA control system and create dynamic lightshows for entertainment value during games and social events;
  • generate energy savings of up to 75% and minimise maintenance interventions and costs;
  • ensure a fast return of investment.

Depending on your infrastructure and competition level, we can provide various lighting solutions to meet the needs of your multi-sports halls and grounds.

Lighting multi-sports halls

Bilateral implantation

How to light multi-sports hall with bilateral implantation
 Class IClass IIClass III
Illuminance750 lux500 lux200 lux
Floodlights per side1284
Energy savings70%70%68%

Consult our lighting guide for more information.

Lighting multi-sports halls

Industrial implantation

How to light multi-sports halls with industrial implantation
 Class IIClass III
Illuminance500 lux200 lux
High-bay installation11x45x4
Energy savings77%75%

Consult our lighting guide for more information.

Lighting multi-sports grounds

Masts in the corner (before the baseline)

How to light multi-sports grounds with masts in the corner, behind the baseline
 Class IIClass III
Illuminance200 lux75 lux
Floodlights per pole21
Energy savings61%75%

Consult our lighting guide for more information.