Laerskool Garsfontein with Lighting Controls

LED lighting with Schréder ITERRA lighting control system provides savings on energy consumption and maintenance costs

We are proud to have supplied the LED lighting solution with lighting control for Laerskool Garsfontein’s main sports field and assembly hall in Pretoria, Gauteng.

Laerskool Garsfontein, established 40 years ago, is one of the highest ranked primary schools in Pretoria. Sports forms a big part of the school, with many sporting activities going into the night. The school recently completed the lighting upgrade of their main sports field and assembly hall. This followed the upgrade of the lighting of their Hockey and Tennis courts, which we also supplied.

With this new lighting solution, the school will save on energy consumption and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the lighting control system provides a significant amount of flexibility as it can be controlled remotely, resulting in further energy savings.

View the video showcasing the lighting installation:

393 Rina Van Zyl Street
South Africa


Laerskool Garsfontein

Lighting control system

The Schréder ITERRA lighting control system has been installed on the main sports field and the assembly hall. It has been set to three dimming levels: 30%, 70% and 100%. This allows authorised users linked to the specific project for security reasons, to switch the lighting installation on or off, or to dim it, by simply using an easy-to-use app on their smart devices.

Schréder ITERRA provides a complete user- and installer-friendly wireless control solution for sports and interior lighting applications. It offers site managers a robust, cost-effective and futureproof platform to run their infrastructure with the utmost flexibility for adapting the lighting to any scenario or event while maximising energy savings and providing the best experience for players, fans and the neighbourhood.

A mobile App based system, Schréder ITERRA is very easy to operate. It comes with an intuitive visual interface that users can quickly personalise to the layout and settings of their lighting installation.

Schréder ITERRA is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the state-of-the-art wireless communication standard fully compatible with all recent smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches. The use of open and standard technologies coupled with the handy App makes Schréder ITERRA a real plug-and-play remote control solution for extracting the full potential of the lighting installation.


Main Sports Field

The main sports field serves as a Rugby, Cricket and Athletics field. The old floodlighting installation was replaced with an LED solution with the Schréder ITERRA lighting control system.

The OMNIBLAST-E MIDI was the floodlight of choice, has been designed and manufactured in South Africa, and is the ideal tool for sports venues and other very large area applications that require a lighting solution with the highest efficiency and flexibility to adapt to the different lighting needs. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution to maximise energy and maintenance savings.


Cricket Practice Area

The Cricket Practice area is illuminated with OMNISTAR-MICRO floodlights, mounted on BEKAPOLES.

The OMNISTAR-MICRO, designed and manufactured in South Africa, is available in the standard stirrup mount version and an optional pole mount version. This versatility makes it suitable for use in various environments. The OMNISTAR range has not only been developed for performance and reliability, but also with quality of light output in mind. Furthermore, the added advantages of an LED solution are provided: low energy consumption, improved visibility with white light, limited maintenance, and longer life.

The BEKAPOLE is a glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) pole range and is non-corrosive, maintenance-free, light weight, vandal-resistant and sustainable. Over time, it will outlast wood, concrete, steel and aluminium under similar climatic conditions. It is preferred by architects, developers and local authorities for its aesthetic appearance, strength and ease of installation.


Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall’s lighting was replaced with the South-African designed and manufactured ECOBAY luminaire, which delivers the best lighting solution for lowbay and highbay applications. The ECOBAY offers substantial energy savings, high performance and can operate at high ambient temperatures. Thanks to its reliable performance, low dust accumulation and no need for relamping and regular maintenance, the ECOBAY is the luminaire of choice.

Here too, the Schréder ITERRA lighting control system enables the teaching staff with easy access and control.


Astro Multi-Sports field and Tennis Courts

We provided the lighting solution for Laerskool Garsfontein’s Astro Multi-Sports field and Tennis Courts in 2019. The OMNISTAR-MAXI has been installed to illuminate the newly built Astro Multi-Sports field. The Tennis Courts’ old HID installation was replaced with the OMNISTAR-MINI floodlight.


We develop and manufacture energy-efficient LED lighting products in South Africa, designed and suitable for local conditions.

We are very proud to be associated with Laerskool Garsfontein in providing a successful LED lighting solution for this project.