Oranje Rivier Voere

Feed factory achieves low maintenance with high quality luminaires

We supplied LED lighting for the Oranje Rivier Voere feed factory in Prieska, Northern Cape. This feed factory utilizes high quality self-produced lucerne and maize, which is grown along the Orange River, more efficiently by granulating it as animal feed for themselves and other livestock farmers.

Due to the machinery allocated all over the floor, maintenance on the standard HID products would have been a major challenge with the closest lifting equipment (Cherry Picker) being nearly 400km away in Bloemfontein. The luminaires were required to be of a high quality with low maintenance, therefore the chosen luminaires were OMNISTAR-MAXI 144/322W suspended high bays, BEKA SERIES 31, and BEKA SERIES 42.

We locally develop and manufacture energy-efficient LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions.

South Africa