Zoutpansberg Motors (Shell) Service Station

High-performance exterior lighting solution with a minimum total cost of ownership for service station

We have supplied the exterior lighting solution for Zoutpansberg Motors, a Shell service station located in the Louis Trichardt area.

Zoutpansberg Motors underwent a revamp recently, which called for a new exterior lighting solution. BEKA Schréder’s South-African designed and manufactured luminaires provided improved lighting levels, which make visitors to the well-lit service station feel safe and comfortable to stop at night.

Undercanopy Lighting

The LEDTEC was the luminaire of choice to illuminate the forecourt. The LEDTEC is an LED lowbay range designed for energy-efficient lighting in industrial, commercial and petrochemical retail environments. It is also available with a battery backup version, to be used in emergency situations. The LEDTEC range is perfectly suited to multiple indoor and outdoor lighting applications with its typical lumen packages per product range and mounting options.

Building Exterior

BEKA VAPOURLINE linear LED luminaires have been installed to illuminate the Spar Express shop front. This high-performing luminaire provides an energy-efficient lighting solution. With a lifetime five times longer than a fluorescent tube, this modern linear LED luminaire lowers the total cost of ownership of a lighting installation and eliminates the need for maintenance.

The QVAL provides general area lighting around the building. The QVAL is a high-performance and reliable LED wall pack which outperforms all conventional wall mounted bulkhead luminaires by providing a bright and long-lasting light. The design ensures a discreet integration without compromising on performance. The QVAL delivers a strong white light with a high colour rendering index to always ensure perfect visibility and comfort. The indirect reflector design has been specifically developed to not only provide glare-free lighting, but also a high-performing light distribution. Thanks to the QVAL's high optical performance and strong mechanical design, it can achieve substantial energy and maintenance cost savings.

Fuel Loading Area

The fuel loading area is illuminated with LEDLUME 3 luminaires. The LEDLUME range offers optimised photometrical performance with a minimum total cost of ownership. It provides customers with the ideal tool to generate energy savings, improve lighting levels and reduce maintenance costs. The great variety of high-performance optics optimises the photometric distribution for each specific application to achieve minimum energy consumption.

Locally manufactured

We develop and manufactures high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting products in South Africa, designed and suitable for local conditions.

We are very proud to be associated with Shell in providing a successful lighting solution for this project.

68 Krogh Straat
Louis Trichardt
South Africa