Yanfeng Manufacturing Plant

Energy-efficient LED lighting retrofit provides a comfortable environment for staff while reducing the operating costs

Yanfeng is a leading global automotive supplier who manufactures and delivers parts to a premium automaker in East London, South Africa.

The company needed an LED lighting retrofit solution to replace their existing luminaires with the main aim of increasing the energy efficiency of their plant lighting. BEKA Schréder have supplied the ECOBAY LED lowbay and highbay luminaire and the BEKA VAPOURLINE, an industrial linear LED luminaire, both of which are designed and manufactured in South Africa, and which were the ideal replacement for the existing HID and fluorescent luminaires.

LED lighting to eliminate unnecessary use of energy

The ECOBAY, an LED lowbay and highbay lighting range, has been designed and manufactured in South Africa and is the ideal luminaire for lighting industrial facilities at optimized light levels. The ECOBAY offers substantial energy savings, high performance and is able to operate at high ambient temperatures. Available with four typical lumen packages and various light distributions, the ECOBAY is perfectly suited for multiple indoor lighting applications. The ECOBAY not only lowers your initial investment, it maximises it by providing a comfortable environment for your staff while limiting energy consumption to what is absolutely necessary.

The BEKA VAPOURLINE offers a robust and efficient LED alternative for replacing fixtures fitted with T5/T8 fluorescent tubes. Designed to provide a long-term solution for harsh industrial environments, the BEKA VAPOURLINE has a strong mechanical design that makes it highly resistant to shock and vibration while its IP rating makes it ideal for dusty and wet locations. This high-performing luminaire provides an energy-efficient lighting solution. With a lifetime five times longer than a fluorescent tube, this modern linear LED luminaire lowers the total cost of ownership of a lighting installation and eliminates the need for maintenance. The BEKA VAPOURLINE creates safe and comfortable working conditions thanks to its low glare and high colour rendering index to optimise productivity.

The right lighting makes the difference

As the average annual energy bill continues to rise, owners, operators, and managers of industrial facilities need to cut costs and improve employee productivity. BEKA Schréder’s LED lighting solutions enable you to transform your lighting from a necessary expense to a strategic asset by:

  • reducing energy and operating costs considerably
  • complying with health and safety standard light level requirements
  • creating a comfortable working environment for better productivity and quality of work
  • providing a quick return of investment

BEKA Schréder locally develops and manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions. We are very proud to be associated with Yanfeng in providing a successful LED lighting retrofit solution for this project.

East London
South Africa