Phoenix Contact Office

This forward thinking company has installed an innovative solution that makes a positive contribution in terms of energy, mobility and the environment, for its outdoor spaces

Phoenix Contact, a world leader of components, systems and solutions for electronics and automation, has built up a solid reputation thanks to numerous innovations.

For its new office in Belgium, which was inaugurated in May 2017, the company wanted an innovative lighting system that would enhance the architecture of the building and fulfil the following criteria:

  • easy to use
  • energy efficient
  • could be controlled via the company’s Building Management System (BMS).

Moreover, as the company is active in developing solutions for e-mobility, the management wanted to offer employees and visitors the possibility to recharge their electric vehicles.

The SHUFFLE with its modular system and refined design was ideal for the company’s outdoor space. In addition to light, the SHUFFLE can be equipped with up to four additional modules to include different functions such as control systems, loudspeakers, surveillance cameras, WiFi and an EV charger.

A total of 17 SHUFFLE columns were installed. Controlled by the company’s BMS, the SHUFFLE columns deliver a bright white light to ensure perfect visibility when light is needed. The company can monitor and manage the lighting in a much more efficient way. Employees and visitors are also delighted to have the opportunity to recharge their vehicles as they go about their daily business.

Furthermore, the SHUFFLE columns harmoniously blend into the landscape, complementing the new building.

As companies actively seek solutions for infrastructure that makes a positive contribution in terms of energy, mobility, and the environment, Phoenix Contact has yet again, shown its innovative spirit.

Minervastraat 10-12


Phoenix Contact