Citrusdal Wastewater Treatment Works

High-quality area lighting provides cost savings

We supplied the area lighting for Citrusdal Wastewater Treatment Works, situated in the Western Cape province, South Africa.

The lighting solution comprised of ZIYA-1 luminaires on 8m BEKAPOLES, and OMNISTAR-MICRO floodlights installed on the buildings. These products were chosen due to their high-quality materials and cost-effectiveness.

The South-African designed and manufactured ZIYA LED streetlight range offers a superior lumen / watt ratio to deliver a high-performing, energy-efficient lighting solution at an affordable price for various landscapes, including pedestrian zones, roads, and general area lighting. The ZIYA range comprises of the ZIYA-1 and ZIYA-2 with aluminium housing, and the ZIYA-E with calcium-filled Polypropylene housing. Precise on-site setting is facilitated through an incorporated inclination system. Built to withstand high ambient temperatures and vandalism (IK 10) and with a high Ingress Protection level (IP 65), the ZIYA range provides a sustainable performance over time. The ZIYA range is the ideal tool to shorten the payback time of an LED lighting installation and to provide the best return on investment.

The BEKAPOLE is a glassfibre reinforced polyester (GRP) pole range and is manufactured in South Africa. The BEKAPOLE has many advantages, because it is sustainable, non-corrosive, maintenance-free, light in weight, non-conductive, long lasting, versatile, and vandal-resistant. The BEKAPOLE has virtually unlimited applications. It can be manufactured to any requirement relating to the number and configuration of luminaires to be mounted, inclusive of any special colour.

The OMNISTAR-MICRO is the smallest of the OMNISTAR floodlight family and has also been designed and manufactured in South Africa. This LED floodlight range is available in the standard stirrup mount version and an optional pole mount version. This versatility makes it suitable for use in various environments, which include outdoor general area and perimeter floodlighting, mining areas, food and beverage, as well as manufacturing and processing plants. The OMNISTAR range has not only been developed for performance and reliability, but also with quality of light output in mind. Furthermore, the added advantages of an LED solution are provided: low energy consumption, improved visibility with white light, limited maintenance, and longer life.

The end-user was very satisfied with the high-quality lighting solution, as well as the subsequent cost savings of this installation.

We locally develop and manufacture energy-efficient LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions. We are very proud to be associated with Kaltron Electrical Engineering and Engineering-X in providing a successful area lighting solution for this project.

Wastewater treatment is the biological treatment of wastewater from various sources such as toilets, showers, basins, canteens, laundry and some industrial processes. It uses bacteria and enzymes that digests all biological and/or organic contaminants, providing contamination-free water that can be re-used for toilet flushing, fire water, cooling towers or other non-potable uses.

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