Bellville Waste Management Facility

LED lighting solution for waste management facility

The City of Cape Town Solid Waste Department undertook a new Refuse Transfer Station adjacent to the existing waste management facility in Bellville, Cape Town. We are proud to have supplied a comprehensive LED lighting solution for this project.

Mott MacDonald PDNA were the appointed Consulting Engineers. Energy-efficient lighting in buildings, site lighting and security lighting of the boundary fence were a high priority. At design stage, traditional light sources were used in the lighting designs, since LED technology was only starting to pave its way into the industry. Close to tender stage, LED technology had advanced so rapidly, that energy-efficient LED lighting solutions became feasible. The design team then changed the lighting design using LED technology, in order to make the facility more energy efficient and economical to maintain.

The LED solution provided many more benefits compared to the traditional light source, with the following being the most important: significant energy savings, even lighting, unobtrusive lighting with substantially lower glare and spill light, lower light pollution with virtually no direct upward light, lower maintenance costs, and good colour rendering of LEDs.

The new  facility comprises various buildings, including an administration office building, waste handling and workshop buildings with a total covered area of approximately 8630m², and situated on a site with a total area of 120 000m². The site and security lighting were realised with LEDLUME-MIDI 60W high-performance LED luminaires, and LEDFLOOD 136W floodlights. The interior lighting for the buildings was realised with LEDFLARE and LEDTEC 108W luminaires. BEKABULK LED 18W and SERIES LED 10W bulkheads were installed around the exterior of the buildings.

With the aid of our Applications department, it was ensured that all the necessary specified exterior lighting level requirements were achieved.

We locally develops and manufactures LED lighting products, designed and suitable for harsh local conditions. We are very proud to be associated with the City of Cape Town and Mott MacDonald PDNA in providing a successful lighting solution for this significant project.

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