APLI Fruit Terminal

APLI’s fruit terminal site in the Port of Coega, Eastern Cape, is a newly constructed site which combines fruit packing, cold storage and container depot activities in a single development.

This state-of-the-art fruit packing facility is South Africa’s first fully automated fruit storage facility, with an ultimate cooling capacity of 8MW and stock holding of 16 000 pallets, it is also one of the largest.

When the company built this site, they wanted an outdoor LED lighting solution, made from high-quality materials with a long lifespan.

Due to their trust in the BEKA Schréder brand as an experienced partner in lighting, we were given the opportunity to supply the various outdoor luminaires that would meet their criteria.  


Internal roads

The LEDLUME-MIDI mounted on glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) poles have been installed along the internal roads.

This streetlighting solution offers an optimised photometrical performance with a minimum total cost of ownership. It provides the customer with the ideal tool to generate energy savings, improve lighting levels and reduce maintenance costs. The high-performing optics optimises the photometric distribution to achieve minimum energy consumption.

The BEKAPOLE is a GRP Pole range and is used not only for its resistance to corrosion, but for its aesthetic appearance, strength, ease of installation and inherent safety for road users.


Walkways and Parking Areas

The LEDPOST bollard luminaire illuminates the walkways between the main office building and the stores. With its elegant design, this bollard is dedicated to lighting open areas. The distinct design shields pedestrians and drivers from glare and prevents light spill from being emitted above the horizontal. Thanks to innovative technology, the LEDPOST combines the highest precision and efficiency in a very compact bollard.

The decorative ELLEGA luminaire/pole arrangement has been installed in the VIP parking area and adds that extra touch of elegance. The ELLEGA with its combination of performance, design and flexibility enables a better quality of light, to generate energy savings and to reduce the ecological footprint with a perfect aesthetic integration into the environment.

The ZELA LED post top, mounted on GRP poles, has been installed in the general parking area. This modern luminaire is characterised by its distinct flat and conical diffuser, made possible by incorporating LED technology. This compactness is coupled with a careful design that harmoniously integrates both functionality and finish. The ZELA emits a pleasant, low glare light, making it perfect for this architectural space, while ensuring perfect visibility for the utmost safety of visitors and staff.


Container Area

The container area is illuminated with the robust and well-built LEDNOVA-MINI luminaire which offers optimal photometric performance and high reliability to reduce energy consumption and maintenance.  This bulkhead has been developed to reduce disability glare and thus improve the quality of light surrounding the container area.


Loading Bays and Building Exterior

The LEDFLOOD-MIDI has been installed at the loading bays and along the exterior of the building to provide general area and security lighting that provides a bright light, whilst offering:

  • energy savings,
  • low maintenance requirements and
  • precise light control.

This luminaire range assists drivers to easily manoeuvre lorries and other vehicles while staff can smoothly load and unload merchandise.

The flexibility of the LensoFlex® photometric engine allows for multiple light distributions to ensure that the specific requirements of each area are met. The marine grade, high-pressure die-cast aluminium housing makes this light fitting suitable for installation in this harsh coastal/industrial environment.


All of these luminaires, designed and manufactured in South Africa, have not only reduced energy consumption but also dramatically reduced maintenance operations and the associated costs for the company.

We locally develop and manufacture energy-efficient LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions. We are very proud to be associated with Eng-X and BJ Electrical in providing a successful outdoor lighting solution for this project.

St Georges Strand
Gqeberha (Eastern Cape)
South Africa


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