Schoneveld Complex

YMERA creates a welcoming and safe environment that goes hand-in-hand with substantial energy savings of 70%

Schoneveld complex is a new kind of residential facility for retired people that aims to create an exceptional sense of well-being for its inhabitants. In addition to providing accommodation, it includes a supermarket, hairdresser and doctor so that residents have everything they need close to hand.

While a relatively recent construction, the outdoor spaces were lit by fixtures equipped with 70W halogen lamps that did not provide the character that the facility manager wanted. He decided to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lights that would also result in lower running and maintenance costs in the long run.

The YMERA luminaire was recommended. This stylish street light delivers a high-quality lighting while reducing operating costs and the carbon footprint. Installed on the access roads and the 120-space car park, it enhances visibility while creating a soft ambiance at night, in line with the relaxed feeling that the facilities offer.

A total of 21 YMERA luminaires (14 with 18W and 7 with 26W) have replaced the previous fixtures. Thanks to the significant reduction in power consumption, they generate energy savings of more 70%. In addition, the luminaires are dimmed by 50% between 10pm and 7am every night, which provides even more savings while ensuring a high-quality uniform lighting.

Both the residents and the facility manager are very happy with the new lighting, which has set the benchmark for elegant and sustainable lighting in the town.