Perform, Play, Win: Why BEKA Schréder is the Extra Player on Your Team

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Here at BEKA Schréder, we have combined the expertise we have built up over the decades with the very latest in LED technology to create a range of lighting products, perfectly suited for recreational sports facilities. With a strong team of existing products and on-going support throughout the design, installation and maintenance processes, as well as control systems, we are about to change the game for sports lighting.

LED sport lighting for swimming pool area

Time for a New Sports Lighting Strategy 

For a lot of sports, knowing when to make a substitution or change tactics is crucial. For a lot of smaller, grassroots sports organisations, it is the ideal time to make the switch to LED lighting. Larger venues have been switching over in the last few years. But the switch to LED has not been a priority for smaller recreational sporting venues with tighter budgets to consider.

That’s all changing: a range of factors means LED is now a smarter change for recreational sports facilities. Switching saves energy and money, and offers environmental benefits too. A new generation of lighter, more aerodynamic products means LEDs can be fitted on existing poles, making the perfect moment to invest in some performance-enhancing lighting now. BEKA Schréder can help every sports facility perform, play and win.

Sports field with LED sports lighting solution

PERFORM, from A to Z

Any team knows that match day is just a small part of the story. The training beforehand, the lessons learnt after, the team spirit that is created with playing together. That is reflected in the way BEKA Schréder approaches sports lighting. Our full package solution starts with an audit, then brings in our expertise on compliance with standards (for both local regulations and sports body rules) and essential parameters like the safety and comfort of users, light pollution and minimising neighbourhood disturbance.

Then, we work closely with sports facilities to come up with a tailor-made LED luminaires and control systems solution. We have a full offer that covers outdoor and indoor playing areas, as well as car parks, changing facilities, fields, pavilions, spectator stands, and any other areas inside or outside of the buildings: a holistic approach is central to everything we do. 

Once we are ready, our lighting products are installed in a way that minimises disruption to your activities, and we ensure that the required lighting levels are met. Proper preparation means the big switch on will illuminate your game and enhance your performance.

Sportsfield LED lighting

PLAY: Your Way

BEKA Schréder’s team gives you peace of mind with solutions that are quick and easy to install. Plug and play, as well as control via a smartphone app means that you can get started straight away. We know that multi-purpose facilities have a diverse range of teams using the lighting solution, so a range of settings and options are available.

Unlike traditional lighting systems, LEDs reach full power instantly: no delays from traditional technologies. Our floodlights are compatible with most existing masts and poles, so there might be no need to replace them, which lowers installation costs. Wireless controllers and aerodynamic luminaires mean strain on poles is minimised.

Sports Lighting Solutions


Winning is not everything, but lighting should be an easy victory. BEKA Schréder’s solutions respect your budget without compromising on the quality of lighting: we have created a lighting solution which brings our expertise from lighting larger venues to recreational sports facilities everywhere. We optimise the photometry of our floodlights and create a lighting design to reduce the number of fittings in the same way, whether you are playing in a Premier League or a municipal tennis club where fun is the name of the game.

An upgrade to LED means you can lower your expenses: maintenance costs are reduced thanks to the robustness of our solutions (LEDs last longer than traditional HID fittings), installation costs are reduced, and energy savings over the lifetime of the lighting solution are considerable. It also extends the hours recreational sports facilities can practice, play and host events, meaning members can get the most out of your facility all year round.

That means more money to spend on the sports facility - whatever your sport. While we have extensive experience in illuminating all sports facilities, we have lit venues from rugby, swimming, tennis, cricket, racetracks and skateboarding. Our passion is supporting your sporting endeavours, no matter what discipline. 

Sportsfield lighting

We have created a space dedicated to our recreational sports lighting solutions. Have a look: Sports Lighting Solutions | BEKA Schréder (

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