Introducing Schréder EXEDRA, the most advanced lighting management system on the market

We are proud to introduce you to the Schréder EXEDRA: The most advanced lighting management system on the market that paves the way for future applications in a smarter city.

Artificial lighting has been part of our lives for a very long time. Over the years, technology in lighting has been developed to continuously increase performance. Schréder EXEDRA is a new remote control platform for intelligent street lighting. It relies on shared and open technologies for seamless vertical and horizontal IoT integrations, and brings a new layer of tangible benefits that maximises the return on investment and creates new opportunities for cities.

Cities looking to implement a smart strategy need tailored solutions that enable them to start their journey. Schréder EXEDRA opens up an infinite number of possibilities to improve neighbourhoods and communities by deploying the right solutions in the right places. It is the ideal tool to align value with short- and mid-term targets while sustaining long-term vision.

Schréder EXEDRA advanced lighting management system for a smarter city.

Key advantages of the Schréder EXEDRA include:

  • Technology-agnostic: Schréder EXEDRA uses open standards and protocols to provide an architecture that can interact seamlessly with third-party software and hardware solutions. Unlike proprietary systems, Schréder EXEDRA is designed to unlock complete interoperability.
  • Plug-and-play: Once the node or sensor is plugged into the luminaire, an intelligent automated commissioning process recognises, verifies and retrieves luminaire data into the user interface. The self-healing mesh between the luminaire controllers enables real-time adaptive lighting to be configured directly in the user interface.
  • Adaptive user interface: Schréder EXEDRA offers fully customisable dashboards. Add, move, resize and organise widgets in the web user interface to create your personal dashboards.
  • Data for decisions: Schréder EXEDRA collects massive amounts of data from end devices and aggregates, analyses and intuitively displays it to help end-users take the right actions. With this advanced data presented both visually and in reports, Schréder EXEDRA is a powerful tool for efficiency, rationalisation and decision making.

View the video here, which explains why Schréder EXEDRA is the ideal lighting management system:

Schréder EXEDRA advanced lighting management system for a smarter city.

It is commonly agreed that smart street lighting is the springboard for smart cities. Luminaires are everywhere across the city. They are evenly distributed in the streets, installed at an ideal height for wireless communication and connected to the power grid. Cities will rely more and more on street lighting to build additional value beyond illumination.

Over time, depending on their strategy and priorities, managers will look at converting their smart lighting scheme to a proper smart city infrastructure. Investing in a flexible and FutureProof solution is key to succeed in this next step.

Schréder’s Smart City Centre of Excellence, Hyperion, has developed Schréder EXEDRA as the ideal platform to build open, interoperable and resilient IoT ecosystems and support smart cities for the future.

For more information, visit our Schréder EXEDRA product page.