Next Generation: LEDLUME Range

Next Generation of our LEDLUME range

We would like to announce the Next Generation of our LEDLUME range: We have expanded and renamed the range, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution to our customers.

In recent years, streetlight technology has taken a significant leap forward, thanks to the incorporation of optic technology. Traditional streetlights, with their limited range and often inefficient illumination, have been replaced by modern, smart lighting systems that harness the power of advanced optics.

Next Generation of our LEDLUME range

Our LEDLUME range, consisting of the LEDLUME-MINI, LEDLUME-MIDI and LEDLUME-MAXI, has always incorporated efficient LED optics, the LensoFlex®2 optic range. Time does not stand still, and more efficient optics are constantly being developed. We have made the decision to change our LED optics to the HiFlexTM range, providing an even more efficient way to control the light exactly where it is needed.

With this change, we have decided to rename the LEDLUME range, and to add another size, as follows:

  • LEDLUME-MINI is now the LEDLUME 1
  • LEDLUME 2 is the new addition to the range
  • LEDLUME-MIDI is now the LEDLUME 3
  • LEDLUME-MAXI is now the LEDLUME 4
Next Generation of our LEDLUME range

Optic technology enhances streetlights in several ways. These innovative systems employ precision lenses and reflectors that carefully control the direction and spread of light. This ensures that the illumination is focused precisely where it is needed, minimizing light spillage and reducing light pollution, which is not only an eyesore but also detrimental to our environment and health.

The result is the illumination of roads, sidewalks, and public spaces with greater efficiency and effectiveness. This not only improves safety by providing well-lit areas, but also contributes to energy conservation and cost savings.

Next Generation of our LEDLUME range

The integration of optic technology into streetlight design not only transforms the urban landscape but also signifies a commitment to sustainability and a brighter future for all.

View the updated LEDLUME brochure here.

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