Launch of Outdoor Solar Sports Lighting Solution

We are excited to announce the launch of our new outdoor SOLAR sports lighting solution, the SOLARFLOOD-SPORT!

Our new solar lighting solution provides a high performing, robust option for outdoor recreational sports field applications. The SOLARFLOOD-SPORT has been designed and manufactured in South Africa for harsh environmental conditions, preventing early failure and offering a reliable solution at a 5-hour 100% light output for 365 days a year. Only top-rated quality components have been selected, leading to maximised product lifetime.

The SOLARFLOOD-SPORT luminaire provides a light output of 21,000 lumen, with a cool white LED colour temperature (5700K). This solution provides adequate lighting even during loadshedding/reduction times.

Currently we offer four standard design options with lighting levels varying up to 92lux average with amazing uniformities:

  • Full size soccer field
  • 5-A-Side soccer field
  • Single multi-purpose field
  • Double multi-purpose field

These applications were selected as the most common community sporting environments. However, any custom solutions could also be designed and supplied.

The SOLARFLOOD-SPORT is a great option for community recreational sporting activities and offers solutions where reticulation and energy costs are not affordable to the community. By installing a sustainable lighting solution, social and sports areas can be transformed into well-lit community venues, creating a safe environment for community members to have gatherings of a social nature, albeit informal markets, meetings and just a safe environment for children to enjoy a healthy way of life.

Further key highlights of the SOLARFLOOD-SPORT include:

  • Sufficient autonomy to cater for up to two continuous overcast or rainy days, to continue its reliable operation;
  • Long life lithium (LifePO4) energy storage technology, offering up to eight years battery lifetime;
  • Cost benefits as no cable reticulation is required;
  • Warranty up to 5 years (Terms and conditions apply).

View the SOLARFLOOD-SPORT brochure here.

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