St. Elizabeth Hospital Resource Centre

Holistic lighting solution for St. Elizabeth Hospital Resource Centre

We supplied a holistic exterior and interior lighting solution to St. Elizabeth Hospital Resource Centre, which has been recently officially opened in Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape.

The Research Centre has been built by the Eastern Cape Department of Health in collaboration with the Walter Sisulu University. The centre has a multi-purpose function: It serves as a training centre for medical students, and offers library, conference and video conferencing facilities. It is also accessible to the community of Lusikisiki to be used for conferences, meetings, workshops and community outreach programmes. This is the fifth resource centre in the Province.

We have supplied a holistic lighting solution for this Resource Centre. On the exterior, the locally designed and manufactured LEDLUME-MIDI street light luminaire illuminates the parking area, providing effective lighting for safety and comfort. The LEDPOST, an LED bollard, lights up the walkway in the most stylish and efficient way. The entrance of the building is enhanced by the LEDDUO up- and downlighter, and the ACCENTO in-ground uplighter. Furthermore, the exterior of the building is accented by the SERIES 21 bulkhead.

The Resource Centre is a Smart building in that there are no light switches for the interior lighting installation. The lights turn on with the help of motion sensors, and all of them can be dimmed remotely. Various interior luminaires illuminate the Resource Centre, amongst them the DARI, an energy efficient LED ceiling panel that ensures maximum visual comfort and even distribution of light. The BEKAQUAD and BEKA CUBO downlights ensure an even lighting level in the conference facilities. Furthermore, BEKARONDO downlights and SERIES 70 bulkheads provide elegant lighting in the building amenities.

This is believed to be by far the most advanced lighting installation in any hospital precinct in the Eastern Cape.

We locally develop and manufacture LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions. We are proud to be associated with MEC Consulting, TJ Architects South Coast and The Eastern Cape Department of Health in providing a successful lighting solution for this project.

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