Anglo American Coal Dragline Excavator

OMNISTAR improved safety in this severe environment and reduced maintenance operations and costs

When relighting its coal dragline boom and machine house in eMalahleni, South Africa, Anglo American wanted a lighting solution that would ensure easy maintenance at long maintenance intervals as the machine operates non-stop and has excessive vibrations.

This Boom is 100m long, 19m wide, with a tip height of 62m and is installed at an angle of 39 degrees.

BEKA Schréder proposed an LED lighting solution due to the clear benefits of this technology.

Sixteen OMNISTAR 322W high-power LED floodlights replaced the Boom’s sixteen 1000W high-pressure sodium floodlights.

BEKA Schréder achieved the required lighting levels, despite the lower wattage, generating energy savings for the plant.
The OMNISTAR provides the additional advantages of improved visibility with a colour temperature close to daylight and a longer life.

The Machine House lighting was also upgraded.
The LEDNOVA 85W LED industrial bulkhead replaced the 150W high-pressure sodium bulkhead inside the Machine House.
LEDFLOOD136W floodlights were installed outside.

All of the luminaires supplied for this project have a housing made from high-pressure die-cast aluminium, to ensure the luminaires’ long lasting performance, even when exposed to extremely harsh environments, such as those found in mines and industry.

BEKA Schréder is proud to have provided a lighting solution that improves safety in this severe environment while reducing maintenance operations and costs.

South Africa


Anglo American