Durban Point Promenade

LED lighting provides energy-efficient solution for modern promenade

Durban's Golden Mile is the popular stretch of beachfront in Point, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, including the promenade. This promenade is at the entrance to the Port of Durban, the busiest port in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The beachfront promenade was extended by nearly 8km, making it the longest promenade in Africa. The expansion forms a continuous walk from the North at the Umgeni River, beyond Ushaka Marine World all the way to the South Blue Lagoon area where the North pier and the harbour mouth is situated. 

As part of the expansion, the Durban Point promenade seeked to have a softer geometric approach but remain actively urban in character, with its bespoke African identity to complement the immediate development. The expansion provides space for new restaurants and cafes while accommodating public amenities such as restrooms, the Point Watersports Club, the Seine Netters facility and leasable area underneath the promenade. The hope is that this project will increase tourism and create investment opportunities in the area. Source:


Meeting corrosive environmental needs

The Durban Point Promenade is set in a highly corrosive environment that required a high quality, energy-efficient and robust lighting solution.

We were able to meet their needs by supplying our non-corrosive GRP pole and the following LED luminaires:


The LEDLUME-MIDI offers optimised photometrical performance for the promenade and furthermore provides a minimum total cost of ownership.

This BEKA SERIES bulkhead luminaire range has been designed for decorative and efficient bulkhead lighting applications in modern architectural environments. It has been locally manufactured from high-quality materials, and due to LED technology, it is energy-efficient and requires very low maintenance.

The high-performing BEKA VAPOURLINE offers a robust and efficient LED luminaire, designed to provide a long-term solution for harsh environments. This energy-efficient lighting solution with it's strong mechanical design and IP rating, makes it ideal for dusty and wet locations. With a lifetime five times longer than a fluorescent tube, this modern linear LED luminaire lowers the total cost of ownership of a lighting installation and eliminates the need for maintenance.

The BEKA LEDSTREAM is a low maintenance floodlighting and has been optimised for efficiency and visual comfort to provide security lighting.

BEKA Schréder’s GRP pole, the BEKAPOLE, is non-corrosive, maintenance-free, light weight, vandal-resistant and sustainable. Over time, it will outlast wood, concrete, steel and aluminium under similar climatic conditions. It is preferred by architects, developers and local authorities for its aesthetic appearance, strength, ease of installation.


We locally develop and manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions. We are very proud to be associated with eThekwini Metro, DPDC (Durban Point Development Company) & Associates, JCF Imvuselelo Engineering and Services (Pty) Ltd and Iyer Architects in providing a successful lighting solution for this prestigious project.

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