Cresta Shopping Centre

Energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting solution for Cresta Shopping Centre

We supplied a comprehensive LED outdoor lighting solution for Cresta Shopping Centre’s recent expansion and refurbishment project. Cresta Shopping Centre, situated in the north-west of Johannesburg, is one of the largest shopping centres in South Africa.

Figures from the South African Council of Shopping centres show that at least 25 malls exceeding 30,000m2 were built in the past four years. This will bring South Africa’s tally of large, regional and super-regional malls to an estimated 180 — more than double the number five years ago. These malls are constantly challenged to optimise their power usage in order not to exceed the average maximum demand. The average maximum demand is the highest measured kVA or kW during any 30 minutes, within a designated billing period. If this average is higher than the notified maximum demand, the mall is charged a premium on usage.

One of the ways to reduce the maximum energy consumption is by changing the CFL, HID and other lighting technologies to LED. LED technology has been proven to provide up to 70% in energy savings compared to conventional lighting technologies, without compromising on the performance of the luminaires.

Security lighting is also one of the major priorities considered by the facility management companies, since they want to make visitors feel safe staying until late hours. Specific lighting levels are required as prescribed by the relevant SANS lighting specification for different lighting areas.

Cresta Shopping Centre has recently expanded to create a three level food and entertainment court. As part of this development, a general refurbishment was undertaken, including the improvement of the exterior lighting of the mall. We were awarded the tender to supply the lighting solution. The perimeter and some parking areas are illuminated with our high-performance LEDLUME-MIDI LED luminaires, providing effective security lighting. The decorative yet efficient ISLA LED post top luminaire lights up the parking area at Entrance 4. The LEDFLOOD-MAXI floodlights are installed on the roof of the shopping centre, providing area lighting around the venue. The LEDNOVA floodlight illuminates the signage installed on the centre’s exterior walls. Various mall entrances are enhanced by the LEDDUO up- and downlighter. Finally, the exterior walkways are illuminated by the SERIES 42 LED bulkheads.

We are proud to be associated with Thusanang Projects consulting engineers and Cresta Shopping Centre in providing a successful LED lighting solution for this project.

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Cresta Shopping Centre


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