Introducing the Schréder ITERRA sports lighting control system

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Schréder ITERRA: Sports lighting control ‘as simple as child's play’!

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Schréder ITERRA provides a complete user- and installer-friendly wireless control solution for sports lighting applications. It offers site managers a robust, cost-effective and FutureProof platform to run their infrastructure with the utmost flexibility for adapting the lighting to any scenario or event while maximising energy savings and providing the best experience for players, fans and the neighbourhood.

A mobile App based system, Schréder ITERRA is very easy to operate. It comes with a visual interface that users can quickly personalise to the layout and settings of their lighting installation.

Schréder ITERRA is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the state-of-the-art wireless communication standard fully compatible with all recent smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches. The use of open and standard technologies, coupled with the handy App, makes Schréder ITERRA a real plug-and-play remote control solution for extracting the full potential of the lighting installation.

Key advantages of the Schréder ITERRA include:

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Open technologies and standards
  • Outstanding user experience
  • FutureProof solution
  • Cost effective control system
  • Additional energy savings & increased lifetime of luminaires
  • Remote and physical control, data monitoring and preventive maintenance
  • Dedicated Schréder ITERRA app

The Schréder ITERRA is a must-have to extract the full potential of sports LED lighting: flexibility, dimming, entertainment, additional energy savings.

For more information, visit our Schréder ITERRA product page.

Schréder ITERRA