BEKA Schréder is excited to announce the launch of the OMNISTAR MICRO and MINI. Together with the MIDI and MAXI, the OMNISTAR family is now complete.  

This LED floodlight range is available in the standard stirrup mount version and an optional pole mount version. This versatility makes it suitable for use in various environments, which include outdoor general area and perimeter floodlighting, mining areas, food and beverage, manufacturing and processing plants.

The OMNISTAR range has not only been developed for performance and reliability, but also with quality of light output in mind. Furthermore, the added advantages of an LED solution are provided: low energy consumption, improved visibility with white light, limited maintenance, and longer life.

Key advantages of the OMNISTAR MICRO/MINI include:

  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa
  • Highly efficient and energy saving
  • White light with a high colour rendering index
  • Designed to operate LED light sources of up to 103W without reducing the useful lifetime of up to 80 000 hours, at a lumen depreciation of not more than 30% (L70)
  • Ta of up to 40°C
  • Slim, aesthetical design optimised for LED characteristics
  • Designed to replace conventional HID and CFL floodlight luminaires
  • Easy to install
  • Surge protection 10kV/10kA

Whether used for warehouses, industrial halls, loading bays, recreational sport applications, façade or general area lighting, the OMNISTAR MICRO and MINI offer the ideal LED floodlighting solution.

For further enquiries, contact Grant Combrink at 011 238 0000 or g.combrink [at]