A complete solution for your industrial environment

Whether you need interior or exterior lighting for your warehouse, manufacturing plant or logistics centre, we can offer you a complete, high-quality solution, resulting in reduced energy and maintenance costs while ensuring safety and comfort.

The right lighting makes the difference

As the average annual energy bill continues to rise, owners, operators, and managers of industrial facilities need to cut costs and improve employee productivity. BEKA Schréder’s LED lighting solutions enable you to transform your lighting from a necessary expense to a strategic asset by:

  • reducing energy and operating costs considerably
  • complying with health and safety standard light level requirements
  • creating a comfortable working environment for better productivity and quality of work
  • providing a quick return of investment

Delivering savings of up to 70%

While many different tasks may be taking place under one roof (picking, packaging, shipping,) BEKA Schréder has the ideal lighting solution to drive significant cost-reduction through energy and maintenance savings.

Our luminaires offer a low W/m2 to provide the right light output, no more no less, with a reduced number of fixtures. Built with corrosion-resistant materials, they are dust, humidity and water tight to deliver this high performance over time.

Combined with control systems, they offer scheduling and dimming with customised reporting to enable you to track and monitor energy consumption throughout the entire facility. Sensors make sure that you are only lighting those spaces in active use for maximum efficiency and sustainable operations.

The right light in the right place

In busy working environments, all employees from delivery drivers to warehouse members need quality lighting to work safely and accurately to operate machinery. The quicker and easier it is to see a hazard, the more easily it is avoided.

The lighting must not cause glare or flicker that could initiate headaches and eventually sick building syndrome or cause employees to misjudge situations and provoke accidents.

Equally, traditional discharge lamps can have a colour rendering index of less than 50 which makes it difficult for workers to discern colours and writing. BEKA Schréder’s LED luminaires boast a CRI up to 80 or more, providing a much more natural colour, similar to natural daylight, for a better perception.

BEKA Schréder’s lighting solutions respect good practices and comply with local and international regulations to provide the required lighting levels to ensure the health and safety of all employees.

Optimised work environment

Research has shown that light plays a major role in employee well-being, satisfaction and retention in any workplace. Poor lighting, especially yellow or orange light from traditional discharge lamps can cause eyestrain, blurred vision and headaches. This can result in a significant cost to the business in the form of time of injuries, absenteeism and reduced productivity.

Well-illuminated, glare-free LED lighting can make employees more alert and improve concentration levels, which leads to happier, safer employees and fewer incidents.

Our in-house lighting design team can assist to ensure an optimised lighting solution for your area to be illuminated.

Quick return on investment

BEKA Schréder customers enjoy an average payback period of less than 3 years with luminaires that last more than 10 years (terms and conditions apply, application dependent). The significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs results in savings that enhance profitability.

The addition of control systems with sensors, which can seamlessly integrate with existing building management systems, further enhance the total cost of ownership for our lighting solutions.

Lighting Solutions for Industry brochure

We have updated our Lighting Solutions for Industry brochure, which assists you to choose the most suitable product for your application.

Download the Industry brochure here.

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