Lighting design

“…visual truth lies in the structure of light.” – Richard Kelly (Lighting designer, Architect).

It is the whole purpose of the lighting designer to continuously strive to understand that structure of light and how to utilize it more artfully so that, in the end, it is what is illuminated that demands your focus and the light itself becomes a second thought.

Retief Coetzer
Retief Coetzer
Senior Lighting Designer

Lighting enhances people’s lives by elevating the ordinary, bringing character, beauty and joy to spaces.
At Schréder, we have always lit spaces with a responsible light, combining next generation technology and experience, to create spaces that ensure safety, visual comfort and the needs of the end-user - put simply, spaces where people want to spend time.
We tailor each lighting study to the individual requirements of every project, bringing an innovative approach and a deep understanding of the issues involved.

Lighting Design

Design ideation 

Our lighting design teams work alongside our customers to understand their needs and support them in achieving their vision. Our team of experts can visit your space to put together an inventory of existing fixtures, assess how the area is used, carry out a colour temperature analysis and a detailed survey of your environment.
By drawing on our extensive know-how in lighting design and project management, we can curate an innovative and conceptual design for our customers, which mitigates any risks that may occur during the project.

Lighting Design 2

Design support

With more than 100 years of experience in lighting, we combine our technical and photometrical know-how to ensure that these concepts become viable solutions that respect lighting standards. Our teams are involved in the development of lighting standards, advising instrumental committees and panels.
Using the latest design software, we provide a comprehensive and complete lighting design proposal with all the reports, calculations, layouts and visualisations that you need. The variety of formats to display our designs enables all stakeholders to immerse themselves in and fully understand the design.

100+ years
photometry platforms
distribution curves
new optics per year
The Schréder photometry teams are constantly innovating to improve the performance of its lighting solutions

Photometric innovation 

Pioneers in lighting technology, our lighting solutions deliver the right light in the right place. We have developed numerous photometric engines over the years to provide the best solution for every project in terms of performance, comfort, desired outcome and return on investment. We constantly strive to innovate and develop solutions that are as positive for people as they are sustainable for the environment.
We can blend our photometrical excellence with bespoke design for excellent custom results. Our laboratory, with our own goniophotometer and spectrometer allows us to design and test photometry to suit all applications.

Draw on the expertise and experience of our global and local teams for the perfect lighting design that will combine functionality and technological expertise with environmental considerations to surpass your needs.

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