Saint Pierre Square

SHUFFLE contributes to transforming this busy square into a vibrant, connected environment in the heart of Toulouse

The city of Toulouse launched a regeneration plan to revitalise the emblematic areas of its city centre in 2015. The local authorities want to create an urban esplanade along the banks of the Garonne River, a citizen-centric space that meets both the pragmatic and social needs of their residents. An area where they can relax, stroll, meet people or participate in recreational activities such as roller-skating.

The first phase of this plan, the renovation of Saint Pierre Square, was inaugurated in June 2016. The square has been completely transformed. The ground has been repaved, pavements have been widened, water fountains have been installed, the number of the trees has been doubled and the lighting has been replaced. The result is a safe, welcoming and socially active environment where people want to spend time.

The SHUFFLE played a key role in this transformation.

Twelve SHUFFLE columns with four lighting modules were installed. They ensure that the entire square benefits from a warm, uniform light at night that creates a welcoming nocturnal ambiance.

Certain SHUFFLE columns are also fitted with security cameras to ensure a complete sense of safety at all times while others are equipped with WiFi modules to enable residents, especially the numerous students who gather there every Thursday and Saturday night, to stay connected at all times.

The SHUFFLE offers all these features in a pure design that discreetly integrates the environment, ensuring that the square is an open area and as clutter free as possible so that the residents can move around freely.

Convinced that public spaces play a vital role in the social and economic life of communities, the local authorities are thrilled with the SHUFFLE columns and their contribution to the success of this renovation plan. 

The residents are equally delighted with this newly renovated Saint Pierre Square that re-connects them with their city in more than one way!

Saint Pierre Square


City of Toulouse