Astrovilla Potchefstroom NWU – Hockey Field A

New LED sports lighting delivers the required lighting levels for broadcasting International World Cup sports events

The North-West University (NWU) is proud of its facilities and staff, their Hockey is rich in history and culture, providing many successes, titles, and accolades.

NWU Hockey together with the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and The South African Hockey Association (SAHA) hosted the first Junior Hockey Women’s World Cup on African soil at the North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus.


LED sports lighting to comply with International Hockey Federation (FIH)

The NWU sports high-end Astrovilla Hockey Field A had to be lit to the international sport federation lighting regulations with regards to professional broadcasting that provides the necessary vertical and horizontal illuminance and uniformity so athletes can participate in their sport with high visual comfort as set out by the International Hockey Federation standards for the World Cup. It was thus decided to go for our OMNIBLAST-3-E MAXI floodlighting with Schréder ITERRA control system.

Our OMNIBLAST-3-E MAXI 1398W 5700K was chosen as the ideal floodlight for this sports application due to its high-quality lighting solution that guarantees a perfect glare control, a high colour rendering index (CRI) and meets the required television lighting consistency index (TLCI), as well as providing flicker-free lighting. The 3 modules were mounted on a similar bracket arrangement to offer the utmost versatility, providing light distributions and lumen packages perfectly adapted to the specifications of the hockey field area to be lit.


Smart lighting control system for the win

As the amount of people using the Astrovilla Hockey Field A may vary greatly dependent on the game played, the key element was to also implement a lighting control system that can be controlled as required with the innovative thinking to be able to provide lighting with flexibility, dimming, entertainment, and additional energy savings.


Holistic approach

From design to completion, this lighting solution with lighting control system provides full flexibility for the different functions to be managed remotely as needed and results in achieving the clients overall objectives in a smart and energy-efficient way.


We are very proud to be associated with Plantech Consulting Engineers who started the design and specification process and then to continue with Motheo Construction Group appointed to carry on with the completion of the project as the main contractors in providing a successful LED lighting solution with control systems for this project.

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South Africa


Motheo Construction Group
Plantech Consulting Engineers