LED Highmast Retrofit for Buffalo City Metro Suburbs

Energy saving in excess of 50% per highmast for Eastern Cape Townships

We supplied a cost-effective and energy efficient LED lighting solution for the highmast floodlight retrofit project in Mdantsane, Dimbaza and Duncan Village, all suburbs in the Buffalo City Metropolitan area of the Eastern Cape. With this project, the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality is leading the way of municipal energy efficiency.

A total of 150 highmasts with 1000W HPS floodlights were retrofitted with 470W OMNISTAR-MAXI LED floodlights, resulting in a significant energy saving in excess of 50% per highmast. Because of this, the project qualified for a 100% Energy Efficiency Funding by the Department of Energy.  

The Mdantsane, Dimbaza and Duncan Village suburbs are located within the Buffalo City metropolitan boundary. Mdantsane suburb is historically the second largest township in South Africa run by a single metro. Through this project, local residents not only benefit from their municipality’s energy, and therefore fiscal, savings, but also through job creation. The contractor who did the installation is an empowered local company carrying out the municipality’s streetlighting maintenance and employs a wide spectrum of local employees, from electrical artisans to artisan’s assistants, machine operators, general workers, storemen and administration staff.

The OMNISTAR-MAXI is a high-power LED floodlight and has been designed to provide an unrivalled combination of performance and flexibility for lighting areas where high lumen packages are needed while offering maximum savings in energy and maintenance costs with a short payback time. With on-site photometric adjustment, the OMNISTAR-MAXI guarantees the perfect lighting to ensure safety and comfort. It offers a real alternative to luminaires equipped with high-power traditional sources, with the added advantages of an LED solution: low energy consumption, improved visibility with white light, limited maintenance and longer life. The OMNISTAR-MAXI can be fitted with the Owlet range of control solutions to enable further maximized energy savings by adapting the light levels according to the real needs of the installation.

The residents’ response to the new lighting installation was overwhelmingly positive. We are proud to be associated with the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality in providing a successful and highly energy-efficient lighting solution for this significant project.


Buffalo City
South Africa


Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality