Solar Streetlighting for Mkhambathini Local Municipality

BEKA Schréder has supplied the solar streetlighting solution for the Mkhambathini Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal.

The BEKA SOLAR was chosen for this off-grid lighting solution. Illumination of these key areas not only increases safety and wellbeing on the community but also allows the community to continue with their daily routine into the night without being negatively impacted by loadshedding. The BEKA SOLAR is able to provide 100% lumen output (10,680 lumens) at required times with 2-day autonomy due to its energy storage technology. To protect the Solar installation from criminal elements, vandal-resistant spikes have been installed on the poles, restricting access to the BEKA SOLAR components.

LED Solar Streetlighting Solution

The BEKA SOLAR, designed and manufactured in South Africa, provides a reliable lighting solution with a high Ingress Protection level that withstands high ambient temperatures and vandalism. These luminaires are a sustainable off-grid performer with a superior lumen/watt ratio.

The photovoltaic energy conversion is optimized by efficient Polycrystalline solar module technology to maximise solar energy. To further maximise this, we offer the best energy storage options and autonomy available on the market.

The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers protect and optimize the system from any internal and external factors, like thermal environmental changes when charging the energy storage units.

The BEKA SOLAR offers a renewable lighting solution to operate in any of our very challenging African environmental conditions.

Local manufacturing company

BEKA Schréder develops and manufactures sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting products in South Africa, designed and suitable for local conditions.

We are very proud to be associated with ZLM Project Engineering in providing a successful LED solar streetlighting solution for this project.

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